16 May

OutRunner – Fast Running Robot

It seems like the last few year I have just gone for drones, copters and flying robots, but this is pretty cool. I am seriously tempted to pick one up!

I just put $25 on their kickstarter, but with 22 days left I will be tempted to upgrade to the $249 DIY robot kit.

$25 or more
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3 Feb

Nasa Spinoff

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia ...

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia de la NASA. Italiano: Logo della NASA. Русский: Логотип НАСА. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was watching a Neil DeGrasse Tyson video and he had a copy of a Nasa Spinoff book. I hadn’t see this publication before, but it is really friggin’ cool.

It’s an annual publication of Nasa technology that has been successfully applied outside of Nasa. I knew that there were lots of pieces of Nasa tech that made there way into our daily lives, but I didn’t know that there were SO many, and SO many on a yearly basis. Really neat stuff. I’m really looking forward to going through some of the previous years and finding neat finds.

Check out the 2011 Spinoff here: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2011/index.html

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16 Jan

Replacement Parts Online

It is seriously amazing what you can find, and buy, online.

Alliance Semiconductor – AS7C1026-15JC

I just had a though, all the little pieces and parts that I use, and burn out… I wonder if someone sells replacements online?

They do!

25 Nov

2012 Holiday Gift Season

I think new toy season is by far my favorite time of the year!

Addmitedly, this year has been a strange year for me, being more into video games then remote controlled toys, but I am really excited that so many toy and R/C companies are pushing their new wares.

In a couple of days I will post my top ten 2012 holiday gift list but until then, lets get a quick recap of some of my favorite toys to build, hack and break.


In my opinion Legos are the quintessential toy! Every child and adult alike should have legos. They are fun, simple and they put your brain to work in very productive three dimensional ways. You can bet that I will have a toy from each of these categories on my upcoming list, but there are likely to be a couple lego sets.


I am not much of a gas station impulse buyer, but the little $19 counter router desktop helicopters that you keep seeing pop up in every store that sells anything do keep sucking me in. I probably have the bits and pieces of ten of these in my parts bin by now. They are fun for a day or three, but I am way too tough on these things to expect one to stay around longer than that. There were recently some “TacoCopters” in the news and even one with a video (here) a counter-rotor helicopter in a cage to keep it intact longer that put ideas into my head. So maybe there is hope for a future Frankenstein version of all these little copters, but for now they are a rubbermaid box full of parts.


This is where I would probably spend all of my money and time if I could. I am still totally in love with drones, and will continue to play with them for years to come. So for the bottom of my Category list, but the top of my list for Santa, you can be sure to find a drone!

AR Drone

AR Drone (Photo credit: Danny Choo)

27 Jan

Open Source Drones

I have spent many hours playing with my drone, and spent quite a bit of money as well. My favorite drone, and the one I have written about the most is the Parrot.AR Drone Quadricopter.

I am starting to look more and more at some of the amazing open source projects that are coming online though, and I am getting Reeeeeally excited. With large communities all contributing to projects like these we can push this technology, have fun, and break toys more impressively than ever before!

Check it out at OpenPilot.Org

OpenPilot is a Open Source community project and there are many ways you can contribute. You can help in development of the Flight Software (the embedded firmware) and/or the Ground Control Software.

Apart from development, there are many other ways to be part of the project: helping with documentation, flight testing or simply suggesting improvements. This is a community project so please get involved!

Honestly, with so much new exciting technology out there, it motivates me to go get to work and make more money, just so I can spend it on RC equipment.

27 Jan

AR.Drone on twtter

You can follow the AR.Drone on twtter.


7 Nov

Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages

Bacon Bandaid

Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages

Bacon Bandaids.

What a world class idea.

My first tin of these were actually given to me by my girlfriends parents, I think that they know me better than I would like to admit.

Having just ordered my second tin of Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages, I would throw in a spoiler, but let’s just say I am interested to see if every “Free Toy Inside” is the same or if they mix it up.

2 Nov

Apples to Apples

You guys have played this game, right?

apples to apples party box

Apples to Apples Party Box

If you haven’t, you certainly should.

This is one of the best party games out there, you can literally play with anyone, and part of the game is adjusting your answer based on what you think the other players know. So it’s not like a trivial persuit knock off where your friend who has never seen startrek will NEVER get that last wedge, and it’s much more user friendly for people who have no idea how to draw, unlike win-lose-or-draw. It really is a fun, easy to learn and play game that has infinite variation. I plan on introducing my family to it at christmas this year, it will be our after christmas dinner entertainment!

29 Oct

Ninjago Legos for Christmas

ninjago lego ninja dragons

Ninjago Lego Ninja Dragons

I still keep and play with legos.

There I said it!

I am really liking these new ninjago lego sets, I was never really a fan of the pre-molded lego pieces, and the dragon heads on these come as one piece and are made of a rubber, not the traditional hard plastic. At least they will be a little softer if I play with them drunk, leave them out and step on one the next morning while I am nursing my hangover.

29 Oct

3 Channel RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter Viefly V268

Mini Indoor Helicopter Viefly V268

Mini Indoor Helicopter Viefly V268

Several crashes from my twelve foot ceiling to the tile floors have not caused discernible damage. I did manage to nick the counter rotating main rotors several times as I found furniture edges and ceiling beams; sanding the nicks was necessary to get things back into perfect balance. But that was really easy to do with an emery board, a dremel may have even been too much.

The rear rotor is horizontally oriented and it only comes on when forward or reverse stick is applied. The main rotors control up-down, right-left flight operations. Superb piece of workmanship and fine design. Comes with a separate charging cord so you can charge from your laptop USB port, thus saving the battery life in the controller.

Ninjago Legos for Christmas

Ninjago Legos for Christmas

At least they will be a little softer if I play with them drunk, leave them out and step on one the next morning while I am nursing my hangover

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