Open Source Drones

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I have spent many hours playing with my drone, and spent quite a bit of money as well. My favorite drone, and the one I have written about the most is the Parrot.AR Drone Quadricopter.

I am starting to look more and more at some of the amazing open source projects that are coming online though, and I am getting Reeeeeally excited. With large communities all contributing to projects like these we can push this technology, have fun, and break toys more impressively than ever before!

Check it out at OpenPilot.Org

OpenPilot is a Open Source community project and there are many ways you can contribute. You can help in development of the Flight Software (the embedded firmware) and/or the Ground Control Software.

Apart from development, there are many other ways to be part of the project: helping with documentation, flight testing or simply suggesting improvements. This is a community project so please get involved!

Honestly, with so much new exciting technology out there, it motivates me to go get to work and make more money, just so I can spend it on RC equipment.

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Ninjago Legos for Christmas

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