Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit

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So You want to Race???

Lets race!!

I love these cars, they are ready to run right out of the box, and the team kits really do pack some power for a 1/10 kit.

The Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit buggy is a great place to start for racing, buggy team kits are put together to stand up in racing, this is also a good place for a fast car on the street or on packed dirt. If you want something that is going to handle better in your yard or parks, even chasing dogs at the dog park then go for a truck, like this one: Associated RC10T4.1 RTR 2.4 Brushless Stadium Truck.

New from Team Associated:

Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit

The B4 platform is undefeated on a world level since its release in 2003, winning four I.F.M.A.R. World Championships (2003- Billy Easton; 2005- Neil Cragg; 2007- Hayato Matsuzaki; 2009- Martin Achter). The B4 has also carried Ryan Cavalieri to four straight R.O.A.R National Championships in Modified Buggy. With an unprecedented pedigree of World, National, and European titles behind them, the B4 development team spent countless hours to refine the B4 to produce the Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit.

Team Associated’s Area 51 designers optimized the B4.1 Factory Team kit for the latest generation of racers whose cars are lighter and more powerful than ever due to the advent of new LiPo battery and brushless motor technology. With its race-ready components, Factory Team parts, and optimized suspension setup for use with LiPo batteries, the Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit puts it’s World Champion pedigree to work for you, lap after lap!

Associated RC10B4.1 Factory Team Kit

Team Kit, ready to ROCK!

  • 4-Time I.F.M.A.R. World Champion and 5-Time R.O.A.R. US National Champion!
  • Factory Team 0.5° aluminum rear hubs with oversized outer bearing
  • Ball differential with lightweight outdrives
  • Factory Team V2 hard-anodized threaded shock bodies with bleed-screw caps
  • V2 slipper assembly with high-rate spring for more consistent slipper clutch adjustments
  • Pro-Line Vortex body and wing
  • Pro-Line M3 Holeshot 2.0 rear and M3 4-rib front tires
  • CVA drive shafts with pin retainer clips
  • Durable steel center-drilled front axles
  • Carbon-fiber battery strap with blue aluminum thumb screws
  • Optimized suspension setup for use with LiPo batteries
  • Suspension mounts for 4°, 3.5°, 3°, and 2.5° rear toe included
  • Blue titanium turnbuckles
  • Complete set of precision ball bearings
  • Factory Team blue aluminum hinge pin brace, milled motor plate, servo mounts and much more!
  • Scale: 1:10
    Power: Electric
    Length: 377mm
    Width: 250mm
    Weight: 1530g*
    Wheelbase: 273mm
    Internal Gear Ratio: 2.6:1
    Drive: 2WD

    * Actual running weight will vary depending on parts installed.

    Associated RC10T4.1 RTR 2.4 Brushless Stadium Truck

    Bad Ass, Fast 1/10 Ready to Run Truck

    I would also do yourself a favor and pick up some simple pieces to start customizing right away, pick up a new body, new wheels, real simple stuff that really makes this YOUR buggy right away.

    And again, if you want something a little higher, that handles a little better for beginners, then look at the Trucks.

    I posted another article on trucks here.

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