R/C Cyborg Shark – Red by Swimways

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R/C Cyborg Shark - Red by Swimways

R/C Cyborg Shark - Red by Swimways

My Shark Will EAT your submarine!

I had a TON of fun with this toy last summer, I just took it out to the pool about a week ago, and although it was way too cold for me to get in the pool, my R/C Cyborg Shark didn’t mind at all.

I was actually rough enough with these, running them into each other last summer that I wasn’t sure they would both survive the season. But they both came through with only minor scrapes, and one is a little slower. (I am pretty competitive and will be giving the slower shark to visitors and guests by default next summer!) Really though these sharks aren’t particularly fast or maneuverable, so it is tense hilarious fun holding underwater R/C Cyborg Shark battles.

R/C Cyborg Shark - Red by Swimways

Get Two, you will thank me!

The body twist design is what makes them realistic in the water. The waterproofing is alright, but I don’t take the remote in the pool like it says you can. I love R/C

The R/C Cyborg Shark it’s self runs on four AA batteries or the equivalent rechargeable pack. This shark isn’t a rocket in the watter but this is not a torpedo and racing is not the point. Sneaking up on unsuspecting victims and startling them with a r/c fish that looks real is great fun for boys of any age.

While I was writing this I found out that hey also make Hammerheads, I need to get one of these!

R/C Hammerhead Shark

R/C Hammerhead vs. Cyborg Shark *FIGHT*

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